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shutterstock_43909573Herbert Brown, CPA, CFP, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Midwestern University in 1964. He worked twelve years for Barkley and Dubois, an accounting firm in Stillwater, Oklahoma and then moved to Oklahoma City to work another nine years for Abercrombie and Justiss. In 1973, he formed Brown and Green. Twitter handle: @herbertBCPA Contact Me

shutterstock_55256095Felice Brown, CPA graduated with honors from Sam Hill University in 1992. He began his career at Abercrombie and Justiss in Oklahoma City. Mr. Green quickly rose in the firm to the status of junior partner. It was there he met Herbert Brown and the two soon decided to strike out on their own. Mr. Green specializes in audits and consulting for strategic business development and management. Twitter handle: @martingreencpa Contact Me

shutterstock_55908340Martin J. Lee, CPA, is the most recent addition to the firm. She graduated from Midwestern University in 2001 and began her career at the firm of Shoats, Simmons, and Carrer of Anadarco, Oklahoma. While there, Ms. Brown became the top tax consultant for the firm. In 1985, she was offered a partnership in Brown and Green, where she performs tax and other audits for individuals and businesses. Twitter handle: @fbrowncpa Contact Me

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Tax Service

Federal Income Tax Planning

We aid businesses with all aspects of federal income tax planning.  This includes implementing federal income tax strategies that maximize savings, increase profits and manage cash flows.

State and Local Tax Planning

Our team understands the structural and transactional underpinnings of state and local regulations in ways that allow us to create solutions that mitigate tax liabilities... Read More

Accounting Service


Brown, Brown & Fox, only audits privately held companies.  Concentrating on privately held companies means we are free from public company regulations reporting deadlines, disclosure complexities and risk management issues.  As a result, we can focus on what really matter to you and your business... Read More

Consulting Services

Business Valuation

Business valuations enable you to accurately determine the value of a business and its components.  It is essential that you know what a business is worth whether you are buying, selling, involved in litigation or planning your estate.  Our highly trained and experienced professionals work with attorneys, other accountants and financial institutions to ensure you are represented fairly.  Our business valuation team is comprised of Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA), Accredited Senior Appraisers (ASA) and accountants Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV)... Read More




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The automotive industry involves the manufacturing of vehicles and parts for commercial and individual purposes. As the economy rebounded after 2010, consumer sentiment rose and interest rates at historically low levels combined with extra incentives increased demand. Prospects ahead are encouraging for the industry and profit is expected to trend upward over the next five years, as industry operators benefit from rising vehicle sales and the cost-cutting measures enacted during the downturn... Read More



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